Breast Cancer Program Meetings, E501. All meetings are on Wednesdays at 3:30 pm. Topics will be updated as available. Meeting dates for 2017: 04/26, 05/24, 06/28, 07/26, 08/23, 09/27, 10/25, 11/15, 12/20. Sign up on this google sheet.

AAADV, Bethesda, May 1-5. Accelerating anticancer agent development and validation. Great workshop, excellent advocate educational program preceding the workshop. Registration begins Feb. 1. Definitely stay there if you get the scholarship, lots of long days. Someone should definitely apply to this. Jamie went last year.

Coalition for Clinical Trials Awareness: Roundtable: How can the federal government increase clinical trials awareness? Wednesday, May 3, downtown. Lunch is served, there is no charge to attend. Jamie will be attending. Register here.

NBCC Summit and Lobby Day May 20-23.

NCI Systems Biology Summer Internship Program: July 10. More info to come.

Save the date (registration info not yet available) for these FDA/AACR workshops (via AACR Cancer Policy Monitor):

  • Immuno-oncology Combination Therapies (July 20, 2017)
    • AACR Chair: Elizabeth M. Jaffee, MD
    • FDA Chair: Geoffrey Kim, MD
  • Liquid Biopsies: Breast Cancer Focus (October 10, 2017)
    • AACR Chairs: Carlos L. Arteaga, MD, and Pasi A. Jänne, MD, PhD
    • FDA Chairs: Julia Beaver, MD, Gideon Blumenthal, MD, and Reena Philip, PhD