Cancer Experience

I was diagnosed with Her2+ breast cancer when 29 years old and pregnant. After my son was born, I found out the cancer was already metastatic, having spread to my brain, bones and liver. I’ve been in active treatment since diagnosis in 2013 and will continue to be for the foreseeable future.  


Professional Background and Education  

I studied economics and mathematics in college and received a masters degree in economics from Georgetown University. I worked for 7 years in banking and communication until I had to leave my job to become a full time cancer patient. My advocacy work has allowed me to use my experiences as a cancer patient to work with scientists and help other patients.

Additional Community Affiliations and Memberships

I am a member of Living Beyond Breast Cancer’s Hear My Voice class of 2018. I am also an active member of two local support groups for metastatic breast cancer patients and of Facebook groups closed for metastatic breast cancer patients.


Why I Became an Advocate

For the first few years after my diagnosis of advanced-stage breast cancer, I did not get involved in support groups or advocacy work. A few years into my new life with cancer, my oncologist asked me to speak at a fundraiser for his research. That was when I first realized the power of sharing my story. Being able to help other patients going through similar struggles and to help researchers better work for us patients has been extremely rewarding. As I have gotten more involved with breast cancer advocacy, I have become more aware about the struggles that the metastatic breast cancer community in particular faces.  


Specialized Advocacy Training and Advocacy Interests

I am a member of the 2018 Living Beyond Breast Cancer Hear My Voice class. I have participated in ASCO guidelines panels. I have served as a reviewer for the DOD Breast Cancer Research Program.